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About Amelia

Amelia Foster is an American interdisciplinary artist based out of New York City. Her practice includes traditional mediums and participatory, multi-sensory installation-based experiences.

Much of her work is informed by her experience as a coral reef microbiologist and educator. Her current projects focus on ecologies of abuse. She examines these systems of abuse both on an ecological and interpersonal level, particularly environmental and domestic abuse.


Exhibitions & Murals

Group Exhibition, 2019, Women of Culture + I am Series, New York, NY

Solo Exhibition, 2019, REEF WAKE, Prime Produce, New York, NY

Group Mural, 2018, Mural for Waipuo, Yorba Linda, California

Solo Mural, 2018, Los Salseros, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

Group Show, 2018, Tacoma Summer SOULstice, Tacoma, WA


Art 4 All, 2019, Reed Hook, NY

Figment, 2019, REEF WAKE, Roosevelt Island, NY


Residency, 2019, Prime Produce, New York, NY

Instructional Experience
Making Noise Workshop, 2019, Association for Conflict Resolution Greater NY, New York, NY

Teaching Artist & Scientist, 2019, STEM Kids NYC, New York, NY

Ocean Microbiomes in Ink & Watercolor, 2018, Prime Produce, New York, NY

Environmental Educator, 2019, Schooner Adventuress, Puget Sound, WA


B.S. & B.A. 2015, Majors: Microbiology & International Studies Oregon State University

Minors: Chemistry, Spanish